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Le 14e Festival International
Signes de Nuit


20 - 22 Décembre, 2016

Maison des Associations
Cinema Le Forum

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Compétition Internationale
# 1
Mardi 20 décembre / 16 h
Maison des Associations
Chambéry, France

Dream Reel

Sam Barnes

2015 | 0:11:15

Dream Reel is about the impassable yet ambiguous gulf between the world of dreams and the reality experienced in waking life. The short film is an insight into the conscious minds of three ordinary people and their interpretations of the unconscious realms experienced in their dreams. From recurring childhood dreams, nightmares, to dreams that are inherently absurd, Dream Reel explores how dreams can have a hermitically sealed existence of their own, while sometimes they can unearth the deepest parts of the soul.



The Reflection of Power

Mihai Grecu

2015 | 0:09:00

In the most secret capital of the world a crowd attends a show while a disaster threatens the whole city…




Olga Osorio

2015 | 0:14:58

Andrea is trapped in a temporal loop. Will she be able to break it?




Adriano Cirulli

Italy, Great Britain

2015 | 0:20:00

Who needs a home and family when you've got four wheels? A man leads an organized life. He jogs each morning, works in the office nine to five, picks up the laundry once a week. True, he lives in his car, and he hasn’t seen his wife and daughter for a while. But don’t we all need a little break from the world every so often? Part character study, part road movie, RESPITE is the atmospheric story of a modern-day hermit.



Times in Competition
Times in competition

Toti Loureiro, Ruy Prado

2015 / 0:22:00

After Márcio lost his scholarship for the preparatory course, he faces his last chance to be admitted to Med school. As the qualification exam approaches, he dives into a universe of competition, paranoia, and violence.




Most of Us don't Live There
Most of us dont live there

Laura Marie Wayne

Canada, Cuba
2015 /0:25:00

Most of Us Don’t Live There is a memoir, both visually stunning and heartbreakingly sincere; a young woman wanders the landscapes of her childhood and explores a life coloured by bipolar depression. Set in the powerful Canadian Rockies, the film draws a link between nature and the human mind and calls for a re-visioning of what we understand as mental illness.




20 - 22 Décember 2016

Les courts métrages venant du monde entier seront évalués par un jury international. Le festival sélectionnera des films qui traitent d'un sujet important d’une manière originale : des films souvent ambigus, complexes, énigmatiques, et qui invitent à la réflexion ; ces films exceptionnels , d’une esthétique nouvelle , nous font percevoir l’inquiétante étrangeté du monde moderne.


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