19° Festival internazionale Segni della Notte
(Signs of the Night)
4th Urbino Edition
Urbino, Italy - March 30 -April 3, 2022

eadline March 15th, 2022


Innovation - New Visions - Resistance - Critical Views - Surprising esthetics
Innovazione - Nuove visioni - Resistenza - Prospettive critiche - Sorprendente estetica


with Competitions for Short Film, Cinema in transgression and
(experimental or "classic") Documentary.


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The Call for entries will be open up to March 15th, 2021

This Festival Edition will be for well known security reason an

The selected films will be presented during two days password protected in a day by day timetable

More infos: www.segnidellanotte.com

The International Festival Signs of the Night (Signes de Nuit) also takes place
in Bangkok, Paris, Lisboa, Tucuman and Berlin
with different programs and juries.

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Please find here the MAIN AWARD of the Documentary Competition
18th Festival internazionale Segni della Notte
Urbino, March 24 - 28, 2021

Soldier´s Woman

Patricia Wiesse Risso

Peru / 2020 / 1:22:00




In 1984, soldiers of the Peruvian army, who were fighting the terrorist movement Sendero Luminoso in the Peruvian province of Huancavelica raped many teenage girls and young women from the area, including Magda. When it transpired that she was pregnant, the family placed the blame on her. Many women who suffered this fate were despised and rejected. Decades later, Magda is participating in a lawsuit that she and other women have filed against their former assailants so they can regain something of their dignity. Three friends who have been through the same experience visit Magda to lend their support. As they peel potatoes together, they recall the traumatic events they had to keep to themselves for so long. One of the friends admits that she feels a sense of rejection towards her two sons conceived by rape: “I look at them in anger and think they’ll grow like them, that they’ll also rape.” This empathetic documentary finally gives the women the attention and respect which they have been denied for so long.


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