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The International Festival
is invited to present in the frame of the project "Blown Up" by Silvia Magnoli ang Graeme Thomsen

A rhiromatic audio visual approach to Gilles Deleuze

Mains d'oeuvrs
Saint Ouen, France
December 6th 2009


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Cocais, la cidade reinventada (Cocais, the reinvented city)


Directorr : Ines Cardoso
2003 | Beta digi | 0:15:00

Cocais is a poetic documentary realised with the patients and the employees of a psychiatric hospital, they reinvent their city.



Director : Christophe Rainer
2006 | Beta digi | 0:05:30

?FAWN is a frightening look in the unconscious mental world, where reality is not represented but transformed by the human mind in a field of strange and often painful evocations of something, which we never can know, because we are existing in it.


Maesmak (What's your name?)


Director : Georges Salameh
Greece / Italy
2008 | Beta digi | 0:20:20

A meditative exploration of one day spent in Rutba in late 2002, just before the invasion of Iraq. A Greek traveller, an English doctor and an Iraqi storyteller encounters, the starting point is the same question : "Maesmak?" The Arabic phrase for : "What is your name?"



Director : Guli Silberstein
2008 | DV | 0:04:35

A game of colors, the threathening sound of an explosion and three people who obviously see it as catastrophy, with among them a children.


Vigilanti Cura (The carefulness of the priest)


Director : Derek Wolfenden
2005 | DV | 0:19:00

Pie XI dedicated, on June 29, 1936 to all of catholic bishops of the United States, his encyclical pontificate Vigilanti Cura. Bishops were supposed to be carefull about the "cinematographic spectacles", justifying its intervention by "sad progress of art and cinema industry in the disclosure of the sin and the defect". The director takes the title for his film, diverting it from his first function, for a contrary use.


Je m'appelle poussière (My name is dust)


Director : Camille Goujon
2008 | HDV | 0:13:00

California 1913: a lake of 180km2 is drained by the diversion of its source by Los Angeles. Since, storms of arsenic dust asphyxiate the American west. Russia 2005: the Lake Bolotnikovo disappears in one night. The inhabitants suspect the Americans to have dug a tunnel to steal their water. At the same time, Los Angeles installed fountains at the bottom of the dry lake to stop dust. Where does this water comes from? By questioning the Russians and the Americans, this shortfilm shows how the disparition of a landscape affects political life, ecology and imagination.


Images du monde - monde des images (Images of the world - world of images)


Director : Pascal Marquilly
2004 | Beta SP | 0:11:00

Some images of the world, a girl avoiding bombardments, some images.


Rêves (Dreams)


Director : Dominique Feraudy
2005 | DV | 0:16:30

The painful decomposition of Martin Luther King's very important speech. A audio-visual comment of what happenned with its projects.



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