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The 15th International Festival
Signes de Nuit

5 - 15 October, 2017

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Maison du Portugal
Maison de l'Argentine
Maison du Mexique
Maison du Japon
Maison des étudiants canadiens

Maison Danoise

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International Competition
# 1
Thursday 12 october, 2017 / 8 pm
Maison du Japon
Cité internationale universitaire de Paris


Where there is fire, there is smoke
Wo Feuer ist, ist auch Rauch
il n'y a pas de fumée

Volker Köster
2016 / 0:29:45

Video images from France of a police car on fire get shown around the world. The worldwide media report this violent incident. But what happened on the 18th of March, Quai de Valmy in Paris? A police car is on fire, beside a demonstration by the Police force at Place de la République. In the police car are two police officers. The media horde are in place: the incident is covered from different angles but all reports speak in a similar way about it. What do they tell us? What are we shown, what are we supposed to believe and what happens if we look at the images from a different point of view? 






I Was a Winner
Jag var en Vinnare
jetais un gagnant

Jonas Odell
2016 / 0:14:00

I Was a Winner is an animated documentary. In the film we get to share three very different stories on the subject of computer game addiction, told through a mix of documentary interviews and animation.




Chronicle of the Red Sky
La Nota roja del cielo

Alica Colomber-Kang
France, Mexico
2016 / 0:24:00

Federal District. Journalists and photographers of the 'Nota Roja', the bloody Mexican tabloids, tells the stories of their native territory. They belong to Mexico, chronicling the violence and death, their testimony construct the memory of this city. Emerging from the red sky and the earth, death is drawn into the movement of the city that continues to live and is constantly reborn.







Reber Dosky
2017 / 0:16:00

Portrait of Meryem, a leeding figure in the fight of kurdish women for the freedom and recognition.









October 5 - 15, 2017

An international jury overview the sections of short films coming from all over the world. We prefer documentaries which succeed in representing the complexity of reality and discover in a new way its sensible and perturbing aspects on the same time accentuating the ambivalent and enigmatic status of reality in avoiding sterotypes and simplifing conclusions.


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