International Festival Signs of the Night - Paris
Festival internatinal Signes de nuit - Paris

21e Festival international Signes de Nuit - Paris / 29 Septembre - 8 Octobre 2023



October 5th, 2023 - 6 pm
Maison de l´Inde - Cité universitaire
75014 Paris



Requiem for a Whale


Ido Weisman
Israel / 2022 / 0:15:00

An encounter with a whale’s corpse evokes the witnesses’ thoughts about the dialogue between death and life.


Living Lessons in the Museum of Order


Malic Amaly
United States / 2023 / 0:20:00

"Living Lessons in the Museum of Order" examines the carceral logics of the Orca Encounter at SeaWorld San Diego and the “Doing Time” tour of the former Alcatraz prison in the San Francisco Bay. Alcatraz is part of a larger industry of prison tourism that treats prisons and jails as real-life haunted houses. Through an immersive audio tour with stories from prisoners and guards, “Doing Time” reinforces racist beliefs that police and prisons “keep us safe.” Gently challenging this narrative, Alcatraz has recently hosted art and educational exhibitions that question the prison industrial complex. Likewise, Alcatraz’s buildings are permanently marked with evidence of Indigenous resistance to settler colonialism during the Occupation of Alcatraz from 1969 to 1971. In contrast to the empty prison cells and crumbling buildings at Alcatraz, SeaWorld is full of marine life in above ground tanks with see-through walls. Under pressure from activists and exposés on the cruelty of their practices, SeaWorld’s marketing focuses on their habitat conservation and animal rescue efforts, as well as hyperbole about how their scientific research and education materials help marine animals – both captive and wild. Juxtaposing original 16mm footage, promotional VHS and 16mm footage, and analog video feedback, Living Lessons in the Museum of Order explores the tensions between public fantasies and exploitative practices, as well as between rhetorical and cultural changes, within the two California entertainment empires.


Black Wagon


Adilet Karzhoev
Kyrgyzstan / 2021 / 0:23:37

A crew of miners digs coal 500 meters underground. Miners must fulfill the daily plan. But with each hit with the pick, it becomes more and more difficult to get to the coal in the safe zone. The foreman decides to take risks and dig coal in the danger zone.


March 8, 2020: A Memoir


Firat Yücel
Netherlands / 2023 / 0:15:30

We are on Taksim Square watching the aftermath of this last mass demonstration in the city, before the COVID-19 pandemic. Two voices reflect on what they see on the screen. A child playing with a red balloon, youngsters dancing on the street, people taking photos, Marina Abramovic’s first exhibition in Istanbul… As the narrative unfolds, images take new meaning: These are screen recordings of Istanbul municipalities’ 7/24 live and open-access ‘Touristic Cameras’ taken on the 8th of March Women’s Day 2020. March 8, 2020: A Memoir is a multi-voiced desktop-essay/documentary attempting to find the blind spots of such images, traveling in time via screen recordings. A desktop documentary/video essay about the Feminist Night March protest in Istanbul in 2020, entirely created with screen recordings of the event and its aftermath, deconstructing and repurposing touristic and surveillance images.


Everything Seems Illuminated


Kumar Mayank
United States / 2022 / 0:13:55

A portrait of a twenty year old monk spreading spiritual enlightenment in Austin, Texas.