... From the exposed moments I choose some motives which again lead to more surprises in the lab. I give photopaper light and this paper developer, then black dots come out, then these change slowly to black spots and the outline of the object takes shape and under the red light the picture finally appears. The picture which I hadn't seen before or which looked different beforehand. Enlargement, work in the lab for me are not repetitions of the incident I saw before my camera. Instead they are expectations with a bit of fear and curiosity of the uncertain, which in the lab are a joy to me.

This feeling you certainly cannot get from a digital picture that must come quickly. At the moment there is a lot of discussion about digital photography. I think that this is a completely different development from the one I want. The difference between the two is like the one between photography and painting. A photography which I follow needs chemicals, the other electricty. But for me photography must remain a product of chemicals, like before when Mr. Niepes exposed for eight hours.

I am a totally analogue man, or I already am a "fossile" in the new photo-technology.

But the work of a photographer starts with the drawing of objects with lights and shadows onto film. That is the important thing about "photography".


P.S. I am a half-blind man, exactly 50%. I see only with my left eye. Therefore I see with less perspective than you. This I wanted to bring into my photographs. And these motives are what I looked for


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