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Looking for interns and volunteers...


The International Festival Signes de Nuit is looking for interns and volunteers!

The International Festival Signes de Nuit is looking from now on for enthusiastic interns and volunteers for the organisation of the next editions of the festival and the supplementary activities all over the planet.

The FISDN can't offer rémunération or indemnisation, but covers fees.

Internships : The FISDN proposes internships in areas such ....

* communication graphic press and partners (lay out)

* Web graphics and actualisation of the web pages

* medial communications (newsletter, facebook....) and translations

* programmation

* fundraising and sponsoring

* project research

* assistance of the invited guests

* management of the festival espaces

* pratical needs




Period :


Length of the internship to be established depending on your availability and your tasks.

Short Description of the International Festival Signes de Nuit


Since 2003 the international Festival SIGNES DE NUIT is active in Paris and world wide. In its 9th Edition in 2011 the festival has presented around 340 films coming from 50 countries in 74 programs during 12 days (and two nights) at different places in Paris.

The International Festival SIGNES DE NUIT based in Paris is comprised of films, which reflects new views, original imagery and critical approach to the crucial points of the modern human existence. It is a place for cinema that expands its own boundaries, that is astonishing, different, potentially free from the pressure of tradition, ready to give itself to the unpredictable experimentation. The festival shows films and audio-visual works coming from all over the world, which test new audio-visual languages and in the same time are interested in current problems and situations of present societies. The purpose is to establish a global communication which escapes from the simplifications of the mass-media.

The special artistic forms of these films, which combine sound, image, movement, rhythm, text, space, surprising perspectives and different time structures carry not only an aesthetic purpose, but also broaden the possibilities of communication and understanding between people coming from very different mental, social and physiological backgrounds. To create this international sensitization facing the negative consequences mass communication and stereotypes seems to us a necessary responsibility of the modern cinema and audio-visual production.

This opposition and the preservation of the free cultural space is the goal of the International Festival Signes de Nuit, which has realized screenings and interventions in 29 different countries including Algeria, Australia, Chile, Cuba, Lebanon, Lithuania, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Peru, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey and the United States beside the screenings in main festival in Paris.





Are you passionate about cinema and art ? Do you want to be involved in the organisation of an audiovisual festival ?

The FISDN offers interns a good opportunity to complement years of study with the necessary working experience. Be part of a team and get a taste of the different aspects involved in organising a cultural event.

Contact us:

Festival international SIGNES DE NUIT - 18, rue Budé 75004 Paris - France - Tel : +33 (0) 1 40 46 92 25 - +33 (0) 6 84 40 84 38 - cood.int@signesdenuit.com