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The 16th International Festival
Signes de Nuit

16. Festival Internacional
Signos Da Noite

January 4 - 7, 2019

Darc Desterro

Calçada do Desterro n7
1150-125 Lisboa

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Time Table

FR JAN 4th
15 h Short Film Competition 1
17 h Short Film Competition 2
19 h Focus Portugal (Jury Member program)
21 h Short Film Competition 3

SA JAN 5th
15 h Short Film Competition 4
17 h Short Film Competition 5
19 h Focus Balkan
21 h Short Film Competition 6

SU JAN 6th
15 h Documentary Competition 1
17 h Documentary Competition 2
19 h Focus Asia
21 h Documentary Competition 3
23 h Documentary Competition 4
01.00 Mix Festival 2018

MO JAN 7th
15 h Documentary Competition 5
17 h Documentary Competition 6
19 h Focus Kurdistan
21 h Documentary Competition 7
23 h Documentary Competition 8
01 h AWARD Declaration
and Closing Film



Short 1

Aria (Apia)
Myrsini Aristidou / Frankreich, Zypern / 2017 / 0:13:30
3 Athens. 17-year-old Aria, who is working at Jimmy's local kebab place is waiting for a driving lesson with her father. When he finally arrives, it is not to go for a drive; on the contrary, he confides her the care of a young Chinese immigrant who speaks neither Greek nor English.

Semih Korhan Güner / Germany / 2018 / 0:15:00
Martin (12) lives with his grandfather. He is under social pressure from his friends and is confronted with a situation in which he has to take a moral decision.

Separation, Vivid Dreams
Bojana Radulovi/ Montenegro, Belgium / 2018 / 0:18:00
For the first time in seventeen years, the director enters her childhood home in Montenegro, a single fragile building to have survived a brutal transition. Inside, removing cellophane tarps, reveals not so much her memories but more the immobility between the past of civil war and a future with meagre illusions. At each cardinal point, a filmic territory opens within a personal journey along the separated Balkan territory, re-enacting vivid dreams as an attempt to adapt to the reality of a new world order initiated when the dismembering of Yugoslavia played out, or to freedom.

Black Friday
Stéphane Moukarzel / Quebec / 2017 / 0:18:00
A young woman returns to the store where her father worked on Black Friday. In his wanderings, past and present intertwine and give us the tragic chronicle of a crazy day

Where Things, where people disappear (Kur dingsta daiktai, kur dingsta zmones)
Jore Janavcnut / Lithuania / 2017 / 0:23:00
An encounter at the gym. Simona is beside herself – someone has stolen her handbag and car keys. Donas placates her, saying it has never happened before, and asking her not to ring the police straightaway. After all, some of the gym’s employees are part of the psychiatric clinic’s vocational programme. When he offers to drive her home, it’s the start of a night that will change both their lives.

Short 2

Water (Neer)
Dipendra Vasistha / India / 2017 / 0:33:00
After the death of his mother, a melancholic man is in the middle of a deal to sell his ancestral place in Varanasi and wants to return back to the United States for good. The night before the date of his departure, he's given a bag of food by a sadhu (a holy man) to feed a hungry soul.

Lilien Menanteau / France / 2017 / 0:19:47
Despite his solid build, Jason is a shy teenager. At the pool, a classmate bullies him, comparing him to a "Sumo". Furious, he seizes the young man and tries to drown him. The assault is violent, Jason faces three days of suspension. At home, he kills time researching on "Rikishis", these Japanese athletes considered godlike. The identification is instantaneous. The journey begins...

Hide and Seek
Venera Kaizhanova / Kazakhstan / 2018 / 0:29:00
Two little girls’ light childhood goes dark every time it contacts with the world of adults. Can they hide in the sunny world or the clouds of the stark realities of life will find them?

May Day
Olivier Magis / Belgium / 2017 / 0:22:00
In Thierry's living room, several people have gathered. None of them know each other but they are all there to try and fulfil the same dream. They want to find a job... and quickly. But we're in Brussels, so nothing goes quite as planned.

Short 3

Gaetan Saint-Remy / Belgium / 2018 / 0:25:00
A post-apocalyptic narrative, based on the poetry of Vincent Tholomé and Maja Jantar, where words and sounds form an exploded narrative of images, incantations, breaths and currents that interact to create a volatile story.

Shooting Crows
Christine Hürzeler / Switzerland / 2018 / 0:20:00
A foggy park. A homeless man is asleep between the trees. A woman disappears. Inexplicable things happen. The sky is dark with a large and threatening flock of crows. Every now and then a crow is shot. As a deterrent and to regulate numbers. But after every shot, more crows rally. They caw as they circle in the sky, coming closer and closer... The filmmaker takes a documentary approach to what happens in the park, condensing and accentuating it to the point of the fantastical. The film thus increasingly becomes an atmospheric report on the peripheral areas of human certainty, a poetic approach to human vulnerability and the anxieties related to it.

Dark Red (Sorkhe Tirah)
Diana Saqeb Jamal / Aphganistan / 2017 / 0:20:00
The story of a young married woman who falls in love with a young draper, the man asks her to run away with him but destiny says otherwise.

Daughter of the Sun (Solas Datter - Beaivvi Nieidda)
Sara Margrethe Oskal / Norway / 2018 / 0:11:00 Ánne attends a writing course. Fellow writers show prejudice against her being a Sami. In a writing assignment she shares a memory that affects deeply.

Jorn Threlfall / Great Britain / 2018 / 0:14:37
New Mexico, July 1945. The paths of an old farmer and a young Navajo boy cross. The world will never be the same after this night.

Short 4

Kampung Tapir
Aw See Wee / Malaysia / 2017 / 0:17:1
0 A Sunday afternoon, migrant worker Anne and her husband leave their five years old daughter from Kampung Tapir (Tapir Village), Malaysia.On the way to Singapore, the bus their ride hit a wild Malayan tapir which wanted to cross the road, but no one is eager to save it.In the struggling of choosing a country to settle down, Anne founds that she is like this endangered species, still drifting places to find their own better life.

Only What You Need To Know about Me (Apenas o que você precisa saber sobre mi)
Maria Augusta Vilalba Nunes / Brazil / 2017 / 0:15:00 The teenagers Laura and Fábio meet in a skate park and their friendship soon turns into something more. But one day Laura disappears without saying anything.

Swamp (Tierra Mojada)
Juan Sebastián Mesa / Colombia / 2017 / 0:17:00
Oscar and his family live in a humble, countryside house threatened by a massive hydroelectric project. In the face of uncertainty and sorrow at being forced to leave the ground where they were born, his grandparents decide to end it all.

Snow White (Schneewittchen)
Thadeusz Tischbein / Germany / 2017 / 0:19:40 What role can culture play, when dead bodies are not buried after death, but are used for other purposes? The film examines this question, using mausoleums, natural history museums and churches and their form of storytelling.

A Country In Moving Pictures (Palabas)
Arjanmar Rebeta / Philippines / 2018 / 0:16:30
An aging Caucasian chats with his young Filipina lover only to witness the harsh social ills and injustices around the life of the young Filipina. This is a short film shot entirely with a mobile phone.

Short 5

Revolt (Taghi)
Koorosh Asgar / Iran / 2018 / 0:16:00
A boatwoman who makes a living with carrying passengers encounters a prostitute who travels sometimes with her. She asks the boatwoman to take her somewhere around the marsh. The prostitute asks her to have an eye on her in case she gets delayed. After a few minutes, she hears the sound of something breaking and enters the conflict between the prostitute and her customer to support her. This happening leads to closeness between these two women. When the boatwoman comes back home and sees her husband carousing with his friend, she decides to abandon the home forever.

Niels Bourgonje / Netherlands, Iceland / 2017 / 0:10:00 While on vacation with his girlfriend, Gijs receives a phone call from his mother, that reveals her troubled mental state and their complex relationship.

Animal (Heyvan)
Bahram Ark / Iran / 2017 / 0:15:15
A man who wants to pass the border, disguises himself as a ram.

Sting Figure of Time
Kieko Ikehata Japan / 2018 / 0:13:30
This work shows the photos of four generations of women: The director herself, and her grandmother, mother, and daughter. Contained in one household's album were the memories of women from many generations - women who have passed, women who were newly born, women who became adults, and women who grew to become old. The times they lived were different, yet they were all someone's daughter and someone's mother. When we take and connect these moments that they share, the concept of time unravels, and takes on a new shape. These stories do not belong to anyone, yet they were all mine at the same time.

Blood (Blod)
Ingrid Stenersen / Norway / 2018 / 0:06:00 A public toilet. A pool of blood on the floor. How do different people react? EUROPEAN PREMIER The Ocarina (La Ocarina) / Maria Inés Pijuan / Costa Rica, France / 2017 / 0:12:00 A tribute to indigenous wisdom and a contrast to our modern life, in which we often leave out the essential things. A little girl runs away from her dysfunctional family and meets an indigenous woman who sells ocarinas.

Interview (Intervju)
Nermin Hamzagic / Bosnia and Herzegovina / 2018 / 0:17:00
Four young actresses fresh from acting school compete for a Playroom Attendant job, revealing their hopes, fears and ambitions.

Short 6

Hector's Nightfall (Los Tiempos de Hector)
Ariel Gutiérrez / Mexico / 2018 / 0:29:00
Hector is a lonely man who assists suicides in Mexico City. Monica is a young woman who longs for death. Their encounter will unleash unsuspected consequences for both.

Yeganeh Balouchi / Iran / 2017 / 0:17:33
Raha is the story of a fifteen years old Iranian girl that unexpectedly got pergnant and she is trying to find money to take care of this serious issue. We are joining and following her challenges in one day in Tehran. This story is happenig in the society that her problem is still a taboo and yet nobody in the society accepts her even her own father.

Logan George, Celine Held / USA / 2018 / 0:12:00
In the middle of a hot Texas summer, plans for a babysitter fall through and six-year-old Caroline is left in charge of her two younger siblings.

Raymund Ribay Gutierrez / Philippines / 2018 / 0:15:00 Joy, in her 30’s and a mother to a 4 year-old, Angel, finally gathers her strength to file a case against her abusive drug peddler husband, Dante. But as her complain goes through the process of hearing, she realizes that her cry for justice will be tedious and convoluted

Khairulhakim Mohamad Bashir / Singapore, Malaysia / 0:20:00 Trying to move on from a troubled past, June attemps to scape her life with her virtual phone assistent, Kara. The device brings June through a literal jouney of recovery, until she discovers that Karas intentions are not what it seems.



Narrating Hebron
Viktoria Bayer / Palestinian Territories, Israel, Austria / 2017 / 0:21:00 History is created by the person who tells it. And there are many different ways of telling it. Biases shift, details are left out or emphasised. In Hebron, a city in West Jordan divided into zones and inhabited by both Israelis and Palestinians, convictions about history and truth intersect with and are superimposed upon each other. The film collects the different narratives, told by Israeli and Palestinian city guides.

Vivian Ostrovsky / USA / 2018 / 0:06:20
The protagonist of this film is the reclusive, introspective Ukranian - Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector (1920 - 1977). It is based on a single TV interview broadcast only after her death. What she says in the 1977 interview is still very pertinent and corresponds to a feeling of ‘in-betweenness’ which I myself feel today.

My Moon
Bahador Shahidi / Sweden / 2017 / 0:28:25
A documentary about the artist, poet, musician and hippie Bengt O Björklund who was sentenced to 12 years and three months in prison in Istanbul for the possession of 30 grams of hash. The character Erich in the cult movie ‘Midnight Express’ by Alan Parker from 1978 is partly based on Bengt’s story.

A Life from Death
Tuuli Teelahti / Finland / 0:20:00
Sound seeps away from the piano, breath from life, focus from the film. A mimesis of dying, stylised, but tangible. Death from the perspective of the attending carers: changing the sheets, holding back tears, having a coffee break, holding fading hands, lighting candles. And once more: changing the sheets, holding back tears, the coffee … life cycles.

Mon amour, mon ami
Adriano Valerio
Italy, France / 2017 / 0:16:00
Daniela and Fouad live in Gubbio, but they both come from by the sea: she's from Bari; he's from Casablanca. Their bodies have suffered hardship and alcoholism. They met by chance and a deep, healing friendship was born. Now that Fouad needs a permit to remain, marriage seems to be the easiest solution. But can you enter into a sham marriage with someone who really loves you?


Nobody Knows Who I Am (Celui qui sait saura qui je suis
/ Sarah Moon Howe / Belgium / 2017 / 1:15:00
What happens when a documentary director gets dangerously carried away in the whirlwind of staging her character? Between filmmaker and person filmed, who manipulates who?


Zoya Latktinova / Ukraine / 2018 / 0:12:00
Offscreen voices remember a childhood in Mariupol, happy days by the sea. With their schoolmates they had planted willow trees that still grace the shore, more than fifty years later. Today the beach is deserted, only a few fishermen are waiting for a catch. Even the deepwater port seems abandoned. The armed conflict in eastern Ukraine has changed everything overnight. The holiday region is now a dangerous exclusion zone. What’s left are the memories.

I am Pagan Baby
Jana Debus / USA / 2017 / 0:11:1
“I Am Pagan, Baby” is about marginal zones of life in a kind of primordial form. This experimental portrait depicts life originating at the edge of civilisation. In-depth looks at a path through life that encourage us to ask what we humans can become when we move away from the actual rituals of necessity.

Atmahaú Pakmát
Cameron Quevedo / Mexico, USA / 2017 / 0:24:00
Everybody’s talking about the planned wall between the US and Mexico, but what’s often overlooked is that this borderline is in itself a construct. In the mid-19th century, Mexico had to accept a massive loss of territory to its powerful northern neighbour. The demarcation line has followed the Rio Grande ever since. A poetic and political film about border demarcations and their consequences, the struggle for survival of adobe brick makers in the Mexican-US border region and the magic of a river.

Doctor Co
Lysander Wiering / Netherlands / 2017 / 0:24:00
Eighty-year old Doctor Co cycles all over Amsterdam to visit refugees in run-down garages and empty buildings. They stay here illegally and aren't eligible for professional medical care. Doctor Co tends to them and listens to their stories. They live in wretched circumstances; alcohol abuse and conflicts among themselves are regular occurrences. What motivates the old doctor to stick up for them unconditionally?
*** The director willl be present ***

Rusti Chandna / India / 2017 / 0:14:0
0 A tragi-comical drama, whose protagonist is no other than a young cock, unfolds in a Mumbai apartment just like thousands of others. Grabbed by an eccentric patriarch to serve as a distraction for the family cat, the chick survived, grew up and now imposes his troublesome presence on everyone, tyrannising the entire household. From this unexpected situation, Rishi Chandna creates a hilarious urban fable, which implicitly reveals the life of an Indian middle-class family. Like in a group therapy exercise, everyone shares their point of view, through bold editing that is able to create suspense in a few shots. Will the feisty fowl end up in the pot? Can one escape one’s condition and climb the social ladder, peck by peck? A study of human and animal mores in today’s India lies behind the small domestic theatre of the absurd.


27 Thoughts About My Dad
Mike Hoolboom / Canada / 2019 / 0:25:35
In a series of 27 vignettes, the artist offers up memories of his father who died in June 2017. Using a mix of family footage (including two catastrophic moves, the last to a nursing home), snapshots and found footage, a portrait emerges of a genial ghost father, haunted by a war that sent his own father to a concentration camp, and which finally impelled his own move to Canada.

The Last Ice Hunters
Jure Breceljnik, Rozle Bregar / Slovania / 2017 / 1:12:00
The movie The Last Ice Hunters tells a story of the present generation of hunters in the Inuit community of Eastern Greenland, the final chapter in their 4000-year-old history. A film about the
destruction of a sustainable live form and the painful consequences of civilisation loosing its roots



Vira Chudnenko
Ines Oliveira / Portugal / 2017 / 0:31:00
“The body was… unrecognisable. I didn’t see the head, I didn’t see the arm, I didn’t see legs… I only saw the body wrapped in dirt.” Based upon a fait-divers that stunned the country: four Rottweiler dogs at large mauled a woman to death

Kat Tolkovsky / Czech Republic, Israel / 2018 / 0:30:0
After years in Israel the filmmaker returns to Nabbin in the Czech Republic, the place where she grew up, and to the people who surrounded her then.

Diane Lentin / France / 2018 / 0:39:00 Russia today
. In its complexity, its enigma. Diane Lentin does not claim to shed light on things. This is evidenced by the voices she uses, as old as the famous the Journal of Astolphe de Custine in 1839. Because above all what she is looking for, as though groping her way around, is to see and to hear. Therefore here is a splintered film, with slow fragments drifting like lumps of snow, on which are slowly engraved the marks of lives, subjected to politics, but also to a faceless melancholy. "One must travel one's own self to know how much the reputations made to the various peoples by travelers, often light in their judgments by laziness of mind, affect the characters." Every individual in particular strives to protest against the general opinion. established with respect to the people of his country. "
This quote closes the journal of the Marquis de Custine, "Letters of Russia" published in 1839. Custine is the enigmatic character that accompanies Sokurov in "The Russian Ark", which appears and disappears throughout this wandering in the Hermitage Palace in St. Petersburg, and in the History of Russia. This film is a diary of a young Westerner who travels this great country and its great history trying to understand what some people are living and what some people think. It is a look at Russia one hundred years after the Revolution and the children who will grow there. But it's just a look.


The Way
Olesya Shigina / Veronica Ponomarev, Federation Russia / 2017 / 1:27:00
0 The Trans-Siberian Railway, boundless Russia … Two friends set off to find answers to simple and complicated questions talking to different people. They stay overnight with strangers and their families, visit monasteries, strike up conversations with fellow travelers on the train. What makes Russia tick? What are the main concerns of common people? How do dwellers of this huge country perceive its past and present? What or who will save Russia? What is the secret of the Russian soul? If you follow your heart and trust your hunches, you won't doubt the answer... It's a long way from Moscow to Russky Island... Will you ever hit a boundary? A large panorama of Russian Peple today, their hopes and fears, theis disappointments and loves...


I'm Writing to You, My Love
Magdalena Szymków / Polen / 2018 / 0:26:00
1968. The sunny seaside, girls in bikini, the pop-music festival, the self-immolation protest, and tanks on the streets of occupied Prague. Based on the communist secret services archives and informant reports, this found-footage documentary on the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Soviet allies tells the story of a woman getting married to a man who went to war instead of their honeymoon. It is a patchwork reconstruction of the absurdity of the totalitarian country whose citizens at once invade their neighbour, print leaflets to sabotage the invasion, and dance the twist all night long.

Combat Obscura
Miles Lagoze / USA / 2018 / 1:08:00
You've seen war documentaries from civilian journalists, reporters, and independent filmmakers. Now, for the first time, is a look at war from inside the military, filmed exclusively by Marine combat cameramen. For years, Miles Lagoze served in Afghanistan as a Combat Camera, shooting footage and editing videos for Marine Corps recruiting purposes. In this devastating film, Lagoze assembles his own footage and that of his fellow combat cameramen into a never-before-seen look at the daily life of Marines from the ultimate insider's point of view. More than a mere compilation of violence, the edit ingeniously repurposes the original footage to reveal the intensity and paradoxes of war in an age of ubiquitous cameras, when all soldiers can record themselves with helmet-cams and cellphones. Combat Obscura revels in the chasm separating civilian from military life and questions the psychological toll war exacts on all that it touches.


Yaro Ghillis / Poland / 2018 / 1:30:00
A story of five identical brothers searching for personal self-expression. Born in Communist Poland to an American mother, the brothers struggle to develop their unique traits and personalities. Escaping the economic uncertainty of Poland in the 1980s, the family relocates to the United States. Nearing adulthood, all five brothers pursue different identity-defining goals: art, music, sports, farming and commerce. In time, driven by nostalgia and business opportunities, four of them return to Poland. The fifth brother stays close to the mother, whose health is deteriorating. Now in their middle-age, the quintuplets must decide if maintaining their unique identities is worth the price of shattering their family ties.
"Quintuplets," invites audience to ponder the theme of personal identity and the price we must pay for finding our individuality. Is the sum total of our decisions what makes us unique? Is defining your own personality worth the effort, or should we remain indistinguishable from each other?

Focus Programs


Fled. Lay. Fell. (Fugiu. Deitou-Se. Cai.)
Bruno Carnide / Portugal / 2017 / 00:06:00
When reaching adulthood, a young woman talks about dysfunctional family - her fears, wishes and frustrations.

Far from Amazon (Longe da Amazónia)
Francisco Carvalho / Portugal / 2017 / 0:18:0
0 In 1783, naturalist Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira travelled to Amazonia. Centuries later, all that remains from his Philosophical Journey are the artifacts belonging the tribes he studied and the animals and plants he brought over to Portugal, evoking a distant Amazonia and an expedition that went on for nine years.

Caterina Neves Ricci / Portugal / 2017 / 0:29:00 Porto, the city where Maria was born, is also her prison. During the day, she sews, dusts, and dreams. At night, the old prostitute shows off her body. Zé, the man she is in love with, is willing to get her out of the streets, but balks at what she desires most: a son.

Correspondência #1 - carta a boris lehman
Salvador Palma / Portugal, Bosnia-Herzegovina / 2017 / 00:14:56 Two film directors talk about human condition and the purpose of life, Humanity's missteps and the impossibility of perfection, about the infinity of time and space, about contentment, sanity and suicide. About the significance of art for the artist's life.


Forgive Me
Besim Ugzmajli / Kosovo / 2018 / 0:14:00
Bujar, a youngster, is manipulated by a kosovar Imam in joining terrorist groups fighting in Syria. He secretly joins the war and then asks his older brother Agron to send Bujar's wife Mimoza to Syria too. Agron horrified by his brother's actions con

Winter Sun (Zimsko Sunce)
Pilar Palomero / Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain / 2017 / 0:37:00
Nana, an eighty-year-old woman, is in a need of surgery. She and her husband leave their village of Hrsa and move temporarily to Sarajevo, where they live with their daughter while awaiting the procedure. Even though the couple loves being with their family, the wait for the surgery drags on and Nana becomes increasingly home sick. The couple is promised that the surgery will happen very soon and that they need to be patient. As they linger longer away from their home, they miss their way of life, the mountains, and their daily routine.

Would you look at her (Vidi ja ti nea
Goran Stolevski / Macedonia / 2017 / 0:18:29
A hard-headed tomboy spots the unlikely solution to all her problems in an all-male religious ritual

Cherries (Tresnje)
Dubravka Turic / Croatia / 2017 / 00:29:30 Family tensions are slowly eroding what should have been a carefree summer for 10-year old Jakov. Shielded by the innocence of a child, Jakov does not understand the cause of the troubles, but can sense a profound injustice in the actions of the grown ups. A series of events ending in tragedy will incite his emotional revolt, but also his feelings of guilt.

Belgrad is blue like an orange
Antonin Blanc / Serbien / 2018 / 0:09:50
A man is driving through Belgrade, from reminiscences of his past he will end up envisioning the future.


Nida Mehboob / Pakistan / 2018 / 0:15:00
A family from a persecuted minority return to Pakistan eight years after leaving. They discuss the discrimination they face over a familial get-together

Supermonk / Shenang Gyampo Tamang
Nepal, Taiwan / 2018 / 0:19:00 During Nepal’s People’s civil war, an 11-year-old monk and action film enthusiast encounters a rebel child soldier hiding in his monastery. An unexpected friendship blossoms between the two when Tashi helps him evade capture from the armed forces.

Song of Silence
Kelzang Dorjee / Bhutan / 2016 / 0:16:00 A girl, born deaf and wishing to hear, travels through the four elements of nature: earth, air, fire and water. But when her wish is granted, and she manages to hear the sounds of this earth, she is disappointed, overwhelmed with the noises of our digital world. Slowly, she falls back into silence.

Lanka Bandaranayake / Sri Lanka / 2016 / 0:11:00 An old woman decorates a bride with the traditional Sri Lankan jewelry. She describes the symbolic meaning of each jewelry piece. Those meanings carry the girl to her past relationships and their deep scars. The bride's ultimate destiny seems something illusive.

Terrolun and Lunlun
Hiroyuki Miyagawa / Japan / 2018 / 0:49:10 A young man who can withdraw from his parents' garage and can not get out there. One day he met a hearing impaired high school student. A young man isolated from society and a girl isolated from the school deepen the exchange through the window.


Well (Bir)
Veysi Altay / Kurdistan / 2018 / 1:03:00
0In the 1990s many people in Kurdistan were taken into custody and interrogated under torture; their killers disposed of the bodies by throwing them out of helicopters, or burying them in acid-filled wells. Thousands were murdered/disappeared by paramilitary forces—such as Jitem and Hizbul-Kontra—that were financed and supported by the state, though they have always stuck to the line: “We didn’t do it.”
The documentary ‘BÎR’ looks at the case of seven people, including four children, who were disappeared from the town of Kerboran [Dargeçit] in 1995, and tells the story of their families’ tireless search for their bones. In the long-running war between the Turkish state and the PKK, who began their armed insurgery in 1984, thousands of unarmed civilians were disappeared or killed by state forces. Many bodies were brned in acid-filled wells. The cost of the war so far has been over 100 000 people arrested, more than 4000 villages burned to the ground, numerous accounts of rapes in prison, over 10 000 unsolved disapperances and executions, around 3 million people forcibly displaced, and over 300 unexcavated mass graves in which the victims were buried.

Closing Film

Were there is Darkness
Sean Bloomfield, Cimela Kidonakis
USA / 2018 / 1:39:00 Fr. Rene Robert devoted his life to helping the less fortunate in and around the tight-knit community of St. Augustine, Florida. But, in 2016, he was kidnapped and murdered by 28-year-old Steven Murray—an ex-felon he had been trying to help. Just as prosecutors began seeking a death sentence for Murray, Fr. Rene’s friends discovered a document he had signed 20 years earlier which stated, in part, “Should I die as a result of a violent crime, I request that the person responsible for my killing not be subject to the death penalty, no matter how heinous their crime.” Although prosecutors dismissed the document as having no legal standing, the discovery ignited a grassroots movement led by residents of St. Augustine who wanted the courts to accept Fr. Rene’s wishes and spare his killer's life



Section Short Film:

Main Award :

Special Mention:
Hector's Nightfall

Signs Award:
May Day

Special Mention for the Signs Award:

Special Mention for the Signs Award:
Swamp Night

Night Award:
Kampung Tapir

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Main Award:
Mon amour, mon ami

Special Mention :

Signes Award :
Combat Obscura

Special Mention for the Signs Award:
Doctor Co

Night Award:
The Way

Special Mention for the Night Award:
A Life from Death







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